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HomeGate to the ArcticWant to join for a Arctic Circle-sailing course?

Want to join for a Arctic Circle-sailing course?

This is a 12-day sailing course where you will experience the magic of the Norwegian coast
from Fredrikstad to Bodø, and cover over 850 nautical miles. 

We will let the weather decide which route we will take, but we will make it both an offshore and an inshore expedition across the Arctic Circle to remember. Offshore when the winds are favorable and to give you the confidence of standing watches, sailing a few days round the clock, and inshore to experience the fantastic archipelago and wildlife.

Livet på svai
We will anchor in some of the most beautiful places along the Norwegian coast.

The trip will be a 12-day sailing course where we cover things such as sail trim and reefing, helming, night sailing, heavy-weather sailing,  piloting and navigation, weather routing, anchoring, and more. At times we will navigate with just paper charts and dead reckoning.

We will sail along the most beautiful coast in the world, and the skipper has sailed the distance several times, and written several books about it. When we are not sailing through the night we will find secluded and attractive anchorages along the way.

The nights will get brighter and brighter as we find our way north, and when we reach Bodø on May 30th you just have to hang out one day extra to experience the first midnight sun.

Njord is a 45 feet aluminum expedition yacht

SY Njord is an expedition equipped 45 feet aluminum sailing boat. She has two guest cabins and toilets. The boat is comfortable and fast, and in poor weather, the cockpit is fully encapsulated for comfort and security.

Contact for more information or booking

Sailing course
May 18th to May 30th
12 days
Start: Fredrikstad
Stop: Bodø
850 nautical miles
Price: NOK 30.000,- per person
Available births: 4

10 percent of the money will go to beach cleaning on Bear Island and the non-profit Gate to the Arctic.

Included in the price are all on board food and non-alcoholic beverages, life jacket

Not included in the price is travel to Fredrikstad and back home from Bodø, alcoholic beverages, on-shore food (restaurants etc), and personal insurance. We strongly recommend that you either have a full flex ticket from Bodø, or arrange your travel when we get close to Bodø.

What to bring
Foul weather gear
Sleeping bag
Bathing trunks
Wool underwear
Wool beanie/hat
Wool socks
Hiking boots

Jon Amtrup
Author, sailor and podcaster.

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