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Podcast #71: Spanish sailor followed his heart to the Arctic

What are the chances that a Spanish diver will end up in Tromsø as a high latitude sailor and expedition leader? Pretty high, obviously. Inaki Javier Tomey Roca, Naxo among friends, has, together with his Spanish business partner, started MarineWide in Tromsø. They have done it for the love of the ocean, the Arctic and the possibility to sail the wilderness full time.

– The best boat to explore the Arctic? The one you have, is his advise.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook: MarineWide and Instagram: MarineWide.

Both photos: Ismaele Tortella

Expedition Sailing Virtual Boat Show is all about the high latitudes, be sure to follow it online.

If you need more information about sailing in the high latitudes check out the book I wrote with Bob Shepton: High Latitude Sailing – Self-sufficient sailing techniques for cold waters and winter seasons. 

Jon Amtrup
Author, sailor and podcaster.


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