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Podcast #77: Adventures with Rev Bob Shepton (85)

Reverend Bob Shepton has sailed more than 130,000 miles, done the Northwest Passage twice and has written books about his high-latitude adventures—all in retirement. Now he is finalizing his second book about his adventures. Hear more about his adventures in this podcast.

Be sure to watch Dod’s Delight and the Wild Bunch in Greenland: Vertical Sailing in Greenland. 

Check out Expedition Sailing Virtual Boat Show is all about the high latitudes, be sure to follow it online.

If you need more information about sailing in the high latitudes check out the book I wrote with Bob Shepton: High Latitude Sailing – Self-sufficient sailing techniques for cold waters and winter seasons. 

If you need advise on high latitude sailing, sailing in Norway or yacht delivery, please check out Explore North and contact me on

Jon Amtrup
Author, sailor and podcaster.


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