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Podcast #114: Svalbard special edition

Sailing on Svalbard is always challenging and rewarding. When I was there this summer, sailing as skipper on ISBJØRN in the 59North-fleet we sat down with August Sandberg, owner of ISBJØRN, Emma Garschagen, a very experienced sailor in 59North and host for this edition of the podcast, Øyvind Nilsen owner of Duen Experience, running charters in Arctic Norway, and me, Jon Amtrup, host on this Explore North podcast. We share our experience and fascination for the high latitudes. Enjoy.

This recording is done by The Quarterdeck, check it out if you are into offshore sailing. And you should be. There is a ton of information and resourceful sailors in the community.

Jon Amtrup
Author, sailor and podcaster.


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