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Podcast #104: Heading for the Arctic

This sailor and podcaster is really looking forward to the summer. I’m doing a two month skipper assignment on ISBJØRN, a Swan 48, in the 59′ North Sailing fleet. And we are heading for Tromsø, Svalbard, Jan Mayen and Iceland. In this podcast, which is a co-production with 59′ North podcast On The Wind, I talk to August Sandberg, the owner of ISBJØRN, about our plans.

If you need information about sailing in the high latitudes check out the book I wrote with Bob Shepton: High Latitude Sailing – Self-sufficient sailing techniques for cold waters and winter seasons. 

This podcast was recorded with Riverside, and we highly recommend it to all podcasters. Click on the link and try it for free to check the excellent sound quality.

Jon Amtrup
Author, sailor and podcaster.


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