If you are dreaming of cruising in the high latitudes, it’s time to do something about it. Explore North can provide you with advice and assistance based on personal experience that will help you be prepared both mentally and equipment wise to live your dream.

Jon Amtrup has written High Latitude Sailing –  Self-sufficient sailing techniques for cold waters and winter seasons with Bob Shepton, and also Sail to Svalbard. He has a wealth of knowledge about sailing in cold climate.

High Latitude Sailing
How to sail the cold waters of the world

We have detailed knowledge of the area above the polar circle and have partners and associates that have managed expeditions in areas such as Antarctica, North West Passage, North East Passage and Greenland.

Through the years we in Explore North have collected a wealth of experience in sailing in colder climates. We have equipped and refitted boats, planed and executed long voyages in rough sub zero climates, provisioned expeditions, provided weather and ice routing, arranged crew and skippers and come back home to tell the story.

Because every expedition, crew and skipper is different, we work close with all our clients to make sure they get exactly what they need.

Either a full expedition support package with guide, project leader, skipper that is taking care of all aspects of your voyage. Or we can be your trusted advisors that assist you prepare for and run your own expedition.

Super Yacht Services
During the last couple of years we have also assisted skippers and owners of superyachts with first hand knowledge of the Norwegian coast, pilots, guides, chefs and more to make their visit to Norway as memorable and exclusive as possible. Do you want to visit Lofoten, Helgeland, Svalbard or other exotic places along the Norwegian coast and at the same time experience the best of the area, please contact us.


If you need services for yacht management you should discuss your needs with the company Yachts Management.

PR and communications
We can also handle PR and communication for expeditions that have the need to communicate with sponsors, media, family and friends. We have been working with Volvo Ocean Race, Ericsson Racing Team, Team Academy, Route du Rhum projects, Mini Transat, and The Melting Arctic project.